John Mayer is “Single And Excited About The Future”

Ladies, let’s have some dramatic drum rolls for this latest news! Yes, you read that right, the guitar impresario and all-time-ladies-favorite dreamy singer John Mayer, is apparently single and ready for a relationship now!

According to E!, the playboy, who is known to have a long string of some of the leading ladies of tinsel town for his dating record made an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and in the show, he told the late-night host that he is ready to hook up with some of the fish in the sea we all often hear about.

Mayer told Cohen, “I’m ready to roll. I’m more mature than I’ve ever been. The stage is set, but I’m excited for a meet-cute at some point. I’m single and I’m excited about the future.”

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From the sound of it, it does seem like John Mayer is genuinely excited about getting back into the game. The singer has dated the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Anniston, Taylor Swift, Linka Kelly, Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry in the past and his last relationship was with Katy Perry. It was a bumpy ride to say the least what with their constant on-again off-again statuses which often made headlines every time. They finally broke up and Perry went on to date Orlando Bloom later on (although they have broken up too now).
Since his break up with Perry, John Mayer has been focusing on releasing new music and touring.

On the show with Cohen, Mayer also complimented the host on his place in the gay pantheon. Since he’s been single, Mayer said that he has been hanging out with Cohen and the two have also been going to gay bars together.

About the experience, John Mayer said, “I can dig it. I can get into it. Andy – you guys must know – Andy is the hottest thing going. When you walk into a gay club with Andy Cohen, he is the Beyonce of that club. He is unbelievable. I’ve seen celebrity and I’ve seen pull and I’ve seen clout, but you have not seen anything like Andy Cohen walking in.”

Well, now that we’ve heard it, I guess it is indeed time to polish up our dating profiles. I wonder what it is like to date such a high profile celebrity…hmmmm

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