These are clothes that damage your health!

Narrow pair of jeans, heavy jewelry or a tote bag filled with everything you need to be a woman; All of these are garments that have negative effects on a woman’s health, but you will agree, at least one of these pieces is in your closet.


British Association of chiropractors warn that because of high fashion which is imposed and ‘must-have’ by our designers in recent years, women’s health suffers. They have in fact come to the realization that the woman’s gait and posture change just for wearing very heavy and large bag, tight jeans or sky-high and uncomfortable shoes.

Many problems arise when the clothes are too tight, so for example very slim fit jeans hampers the movement and lead to additional pressure on the back and joints. Wrong choice of shoes can also lead to health problems. The high heels, as well as currently very popular shoes with open heel, often cause unnatural posture, which in turn can cause back pain, very often and foot problems.


Asymmetrical dresses and skirts are still one of the culprits for this phenomenon because they can restrict movement, especially if the skirt is too small. Women are incorrectly moving, and this leads to problems with muscles, and much more.


Few people are probably aware that heavy pieces of jewelry can be hazardous for our neck and back. In addition, the jackets with large hoods, also have great pressure on that body part, a large hood can significantly reduce the field of view, which can lead to a number of potential problems. Although bad consequences of fashion trends are not immediately visible, doctors say that over time given clothes can cause significant problems.