HACKERS WITHOUT ANY LIMITS: Stealing private photos of Hollywood stars!

Hackers do not give up – new victims of the hackers are actress Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried.

After the Internet spread speculation that the famous actress is a new victim of ruthless hackers, spokesman Emma Watson confirmed that she is the victim of the theft of private photos. However, this is not about her naked images, but of those that were shot for trying clothes with stylist a few years ago, the actress immediately hired lawyers.


Amanda Seyfried who with her fiance, actor Thomas Sadoski, is expecting first child has not yet commented on the whole situation.


News about new hacker enterprise against the stars come after a few days of revealing that Kevin Blatt, a famous Hollywood ‘dealer’ for sex tapes of celebrities, has a sex tape of actress Mischa Barton. However, he did not placed it on the Internet for free, he sold it at a starting price of $ 500,000, while Edward Majerczky 2014. hacked accounts of 30 celebrities and published their private footage on the Internet, among which were the nude photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence. He received nine months in prison and $ 5,700 fines.