Luxurious Resort & Spa – GRAND WAILEA SPA

Maui offers something special: Grand Wailea Resort and spa. The second largest Hawaiian island, the island of Maui has to offer a large number of exclusive resorts, but one that stands out is the Grand Wailea Resort and spa.


What might attract visitors from around the world is an investment of $ 50 million that was invested in 780 beautiful accommodations near the beach. Rooms, luxury villas or Grand Wailea – this city has a little of everything for everyone. Also, at the time when they come to the Grand Wailea Resort, tourists have secured various deals which can be enjoyed: beach which is very close to Wailea Canyon Activity pool, Spa Grande, which is considered one of the best in the island of Maui. For those who are interested in quality restaurants, Humuhumunukunukuapuaa and Amasia stand out (leading world renowned chef Alan Wong).


On the other hand, those who prefer active holidays, we offer Grand Wailea fitness center, tennis club Wainee, as well as one of the three championship golf courses that are available to visitors at any time.