Unicorn Bath Bombs are real

Even though the debate of whether unicorns are real or not is still going on, there is one thing that we know for sure: unicorn bath bombs exist. Unicorns and bath bombs are currently trending. With Tarte Cosmetics launching its new collection inspired by unicorns and Lush Bath Bombs being used as highlighter, it seems like nothing can surprise us.

The competition in the beauty/ skincare world to have the highest sales is getting tougher. Brands need to be more and more innovative in order to succeed in this highly competitive world. This is why,  Soap Cherie, a cute little Brooklyn based boutique decided to combine the two trends: unicorns and bath bombs in order to create a both wonderful and innovative product.

Soap Cherie specializes in handmade bath and body goodies and from the outside, the products that the brand sells look so delicious that you might want to eat them ( which we do not recommend). Instead, you can try putting the unicorn inspired bath bombs in your bathtub and watch it transform into your own little oasis full of sparkles. Seems almost too good to be true, right? Well, sometimes you simply got to try things out if you are skeptical.


With these bath bombs looking so great, there is just one thing to ask: do they also double as highlighters? The safest thing would be to just use them in the bathtub. They will leave you shining from head to toes, so I guess that there is no need to use highlighter. The stroboscope will look dark compared to your skin. A glowing skin and a relaxing bath, it seems ideal. And if unicorns can not light up your day after having worked hard, then I do not know what will. Probably their rainbows.