Kat von D is launching new lip liners and they are TD

Mark your calendars because Kat von D is launching her new line of Everlasting Lip Liners  on April 11. The whole collection which includes 30 shades will be available for purchase on the Sephora website. Now that we know the date and where to buy them from, there is still one detail that Kat von D has not yet disclosed: their price. However, judging by the fact that the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are $20 each, it is safe to bet that the Lip Liners will have more or less the same price.

You know that Kat likes to go crazy with colors when it comes to makeup and if you were thinking that this new collection would only have a couple of shades, then you were wrong. As mentioned above, the new collection includes 30 different shades which range from your typical nudes, pinks and reds to more daring colors such as purple, blue and green.

As always, Kat von D’s products are of high quality and never cease to impress us. These liners are not disappointing as we can see so far. They promise to last for 24 hours, which is quite a lot. Also, according to the artist, the result is bulletproof, highly pigmented and the liner is extra creamy. In addition, they are retractable for easy sharpening. What more can we ask for? Whoops! It seems like I forgot to mention the added bonus that the Everlasting Lip Liners are vegan.

Now that we have marked our calendars for April 11, all we have left is to wait and keep looking at the artist’s Instagram feed for new teasers. Who knows? Maybe with some luck we might even be able to get our hands on the Everlasting Lip Liners before they come out. Wish us luck. Until then, we are left trying out her lipstick line which is also amazing.