Tyra Banks Is Back On America’s Next Top Model!!

I missed my Top Model baby, so Mama’s back!”
That was what Tyra Banks’ Instagram post read like last night. And yes indeed, she is back on America’s Next Top Model.

She just made headlines last week as she made the announcement of taking over as host of America’s Got Talent. Now she is making yet another stunning announcement. She took to Twitter too last night, where she revealed that she would be returning to America’s Next Top Model for the show’s 24th season.

It was last year that VH1 rebooted the whole franchise and made all its viewers happy by giving them all the drama back. That too with one heck of a panel worth boasting about, featuring Rita Ora, Ashley Graham and of course Zendaya’s stylist Law Roach. The perfect panel I would say to judge the show.
Now even though, the new updated version of the show was a tad bit disappointing for the fans, all the excitement and fun is brought back again with Tyra Banks’ return. I’m sure if we were to gauge the level of excitement of the fans, all the meters would be popping now!

I guess she was a huge part of the show because of a whole lot of reasons, the main ones being of course her larger than life persona and her ability to release countless memes. She definitely played a huge role in making America’s Next Top Model or ANTM as they say, such a huge hit in terms of reality television and in leading it to become one of the longest running phenomena of television.

The show debuted in 2003, and since then it has been launched in a number of countries and it has gifted the world with a number of amazingly talented and super beautiful models like Russia’s Victoria’s Secret Angel Kate Grigorieva and Korea’s runway queen Sora Choi.
The American edition is known to launch the careers of actresses like Analeigh Tipton and Yaya DaCosta. It has also given the world some of the best in fashion like the Ralph Lauren star Fatima Siad and Givenchy star Leila Goldkuhl.

ANTM 1Source: http://masetv.com/americas-next-top-model-returning-on-vh1-with-new-host/

Now would be the perfect time to launch another season of the model hunt, because it is a great time for supermodels. There are opportunities everywhere and designers are also looking for new faces everywhere. The time is just right for the show to launch the careers of some more great and talented super models. Now we have the right person to guide and groom future stars as well.

Image source: http://www.wsbradio.com/entertainment/tyra-banks-returns-america-next-top-model-host/ydhiVrONrjKluqmKbWWLGK/