Another cool bob for 2017.

After the year 2016. was marked by the popular lengthy bob with lots of texture, which was achieved by gentle waves, irregular parting and large amounts of spray for texture or magic shampoo for dry cleaning, the trends for 2017. in the world of hairstyles promise the return of the classic line of short bob.


Lob medium long hair length was the most hated, but suddenly it became one of the most desirable hairstyles. The iconic bob, which extends to the chin this spring and summer returns as perfect and very chic choice for a hairstyle that will defy high temperatures and ensure that always, with minimal effort looks great. The simplicity is the reason for its popularity and the fact that a simple bob that goes back a few inches above our shoulders and neck, fits all faces and brings peace of mind in the daily maintenance and styling, no matter whether you have curly, straight, thick or thin hair.


kristin_ess-2 (1).jpg

Hairstyle that is connected with the thick, cut straight bangs celebrated by chief editor of American Vogue, Anna Wintour, this year will have the big comeback experience in imaginative new silhouettes and cuts created within strict classic lines. If you have enjoyed the simplicity of the popular lobes, although only a few inches shorter, bob hairstyle that goes back to the chin will bring a noticeable change and refreshment you will love.


It looks chic and is easy to maintain, it is perfect for warm spring and summer days. Whether you choose a classic straight cut, connect them with heavy bangs or leave a few longer strands of the face to achieve a softer transition, with short bob haircut this year – you can not go wrong.