Kim Kardashian West Returns To Social Media After Weeks Of Silence; Also Makes Some Revelations

Kim Kardashian had gone pretty silent and had been living life low key ever since the robbery incident that she had to face several months ago.
After precisely 13 weeks of silence since the robbery, Kim K was back on all social media in January, officially kick-starting the year 2017.

She posted her first family picture on Instagram on January 4th; complete with Kanye West and their two children.

However, a little before she posted the picture, she made everyone freak out on the internet with something else. She removed the “Kardashian West” part from her profiles and made it just “Kim”.

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That literally freaked people out and made the whole of the internet go crazy as people thought there actually was some truth in the divorce rumors that they had been hearing about Kim and Kanye West, even though all those rumors have already been cleared and quashed by Kim and her friends.

Then, later on, after an hour or so, she changed her accounts back to say “Kim Kardashian West”, which seemed to say “relax you guys…”

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It was then that she also put up a picture of her family which cleared any and all of the doubts that her fans and of course the viewers of her show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” had.

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The photo did indeed seem to speak volumes about the closeness and affection that her family shares and also about how untrue all the rumors are. I must say, as a family they are pretty tied together and it is definitely going to take more than just a little gossip here and there to break them apart.

The robbery that Kim had faced a few months ago was one at gun point. She has also, after several weeks of silence, finally revealed her view point of the frightening experience on her long running television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She has clearly explained how life changing the experience was and has also thanked her friends and family and of course the French police for helping her through the all the trouble.