Mermaid Brushes are Real

From unicorn brushes to unicorn bath bombs, it seems like this mystical creature has maxed out all the product possibilities. However, there is no need to worry, because another well know mythical creature is taking its place. If you guessed mermaids, then you are right. Even though it might be hard for us to transform into Ariel, these brushes are guaranteed to make us feel special.
Imagini pentru mermaid brush instagram
If you are as undecided an picky as I am when it comes to colors. The best part is that the mermaid brushes come in many different colors such as silver, rose gold and even black. They are the perfect thing that will surely give your Instagram feed the extra boost that it needs.
Imagini pentru mermaid brush instagram
And if you are worried about their size, you should relax. Even though they might seem to be a bit bulky, there are really many ways in which you can use them. There is no need to buy any other brushes, well except maybe the unicorn ones, just to have the whole mystical collection. These mermaid brushes are actually multipurpose. They can be used for applying foundation, powder, blush, contour, highlighter, and if you are willing to take the challenge, why not eyeshadow?

These beauties are made by the brand Mermaid Salon. Besides looking stunning, they are also completely vegan. So basically, what more ca we ask for? Maybe when we can buy them. Even though they are not yet for sale, the brushes are available for pre-order for just $16 a piece. The great news is that they come with a free  Velvet Matte Lipstick, which is usually $22. It seems like a really great deal and both your makeup collection and your Instagram feed will be thankful, not to mention your face. This collection is a must have, that even Ariel would be jealous of!