Prosecco nail polish is a thing

We have seen and tried many products that have wine as the main ingredient. From sheet masks to creams and even lipsticks infused with wine, the possibilities are endless. However, there is just one thing that has never crossed our minds: prosecco flavored nail polish.

Prosecco is definitely one of the drinks that women usually go for and it usually pairs well with getting a manicure. However, what is even better is combining the two. Both a manicure and prosecco seem ideal. This is why, Groupon decided to make it possible by creating the ideal nail polish which contains real prosecco.


Nail biters, there is some bad news for you. If you are a fan of prosecco, then you might not be able to quit your habit too soon. The creators of this nail polish have decided to make it edible. The beauty product also smells, tastes and shines like the alcoholic beverage in addition to it being the main ingredient. It seems like people who do not usually bite their nails might start doing so, thanks to this product.

If you need a shiny new nail polish for your collection, Groupon’s prosecco one is the perfect option. In addition, this year is all about wearing glitter: from putting it on your lips, eyelids and cheeks to adorning your nails with it, the shinier the result, the better. Not to forget the most important thing that we have already mentioned: the fact that this nail polish is edible.

Even though a glass of real prosecco can never be replaced with a nail polish, just the thought of being able to wear our favorite drink is awesome. Now, it is just a matter of time before we can try out this product in order to see whether it really does what is says it would.