The most popular spring street style trends!

Fashion month ended last week, and now it is time to summarize and those with street style fashion capitals. With ubiquitous sporty chic, shoes, socks and Gucci handbags that are on the streets to watch last season, this season has highlighted some other trends such as, embroidered jackets or activist messages:

Plaid pattern


Plaid pattern is worn mainly in the form of a coat like the one that was carried by Lucy Williams.Well, this is the pattern that was so popular during the fashion week in all clothing styles, according to Refinery29, during fashion month to service Lyst demand for it has grown by 63%, while sales rose by 23%.

Activist Posts


This trend is caused by the choice of Donald Trump for the new US president, and boosted designer collections that abound activist messages with an emphasis on inclusiveness. Trendsetters are also put signs on their shirts calling for the respect of women’s rights and the rights of immigrants who are most vulnerable when it comes to Trump, criticizing his ‘Immigration Ban’ and promote the message of unity.

Striped shirts


Deconstructed striped shirts are also one of the biggest hits in the streets of fashion month. Trendsetters were wore them with turtlenecks beneath oversized coat sagging shoulders or simply independent so unusual asymmetrical and deconstructed form clearly come to the fore.

White shoes

We are already reported this as one of the leading shoe trends for spring days. Due to its color, white shoes are suitable for wearing during dry weather. This spring white sneakers and shoes are the perfect choice for daily combinations, which is recognized by trendsetters, and they love to combine them when visiting the shows.

Embroidered jackets


This trend started a few seasons back by Gucci Alessandro Michele, and this spring the trend seems to have caught up to the end. Trendsetters are wearing embroidered denim jackets, leather jackets, parkas and coats, but the most common motives are mainly those of flora and fauna.