Bromance Gone A Little Too Far? Maybe For Blake Lively

Sometimes, just sometimes, some people go a little over board when making casual comments on people or things. And those are the little rare moments when people learn how things can go wrong when they least expect it or mean it to.

I think that could be precisely what happened with celebrity couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

Ryan has always never been the least bit stingy when it comes to praising and complimenting his wife Blake Lively. However, lately he has been spending a little more time with his “Life” co-star Jake Gyllenhal as they have been together expressing their “bromance” all throughout their film’s press tour. And while addressing the media last Thursday, Ryan Reynolds apparently over stepped his line when he commented on Jake Gyllenhal’s cooking skills, when he actually said that Jake was a better cook than Blake on national television.

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He said on Good Morning America, “Blake, my wife, is very good at cooking, and Jake might just be a little better. Yeah, he’ll get thrown out. Really, it gets very competitive between the two.”

Apparently, Blake Lively was not very happy about this. Reynolds told E! later on “Funny enough, I’m actually living right now in an actual dog house. Baxter is usually staying in there, but he’s moved out for now. He’s been upgraded to the main bed.”

Reynolds also went on to say, “I wasn’t totally in the dog house because they got competitive with the cooking. They’re both incredibly accomplished chefs.”

To rewind a bit on that note, Lively has always been known for her cooking skills. As a matter of fact, it was one of the very first things that Ryan Reynolds noticed about her and also one of the main reasons why she was able to steal Reynolds’s heart.
While they were just co-stars in the 2011 movie Green Lantern, Ryan had said on the red carpet, “Oh, she’s quite a baker. There’s nothing she can’t cook, that’s sort of the problem..aren’t actors supposed to be out causing massive amounts of bad press and trouble? But this girl’s in a kitchen all day, baking our crew on our movie- everything you can imagine. I mean she had soufflés coming! What’s weird is she would live 30 minutes away but when she brought stuff it was still warm. I think there’s an Easy Bake Oven in her car…”

Well, I don’t blame Lively now for getting upset over Reynolds’s present comment!

It is not just Reynolds who is keeling over this new bromance, it is Gyllenhal as well. On the Tonight Show two days back, Gyllenhal said that he and Reynolds did spend a lot of money on their bromance and got in trouble for it.


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