Kylie Jenner creates the perfect blushes

We thought that we had seen it all when Kylie launched her eyeshadow palettes. Even though Kylie Jenner is most famous for her lip kits, the it girl did not stop there. It seems like she decided to expand her collection in order for it to include blushes.

We all know that the K-sisters are famous for their contouring and what goes best with contouring? The perfect blush. Judging only by the packaging, we know that they will look awesome. That flush of pink that takes our makeup to the next level is what we need in our makeup bag.

The announcement of launching the products did not go so smoothly. The problem? It was not really about the colors, but the names itself. It seems that Kylie Jenner has tried the same marketing technique as NARS Cosmetics by using daring names. However, some critics think that she might have just gone a bit too far.

Blushes 😍 launching this Friday at 3pm pst!

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Some people believe that the names of the blushes are too sexual, while others think that they hint at  her relationship with Tyga. Kylie started dating the singer when she was only 16 years old and that is why people associate the shades “Barely Legal” and “Virginity” with their relationship.

The blushes have her signature paint draining mark and it gives them that unique thing that makes them special. The colors are also great and it seems like they could be worn by people with different types of skin and skintones.

You make me BLUSH ☺️

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We are excited to try out these new blushes and we hope that the packaging will not come empty as it happened to many people when they bought her highlighters. With that said, it is only a matter of time until we get to see the magic of her blushes. We cannot wait to hear your opinions about them and if you already have a favorite color.