Here’s What You Need to Know About Finger Tattoos

Among celebrities, finger tattoos seem to be a big thing right now. These are small tattoos that people pick out to place on one of their fingers. They’re a fun and sweet take on self-expression that fit those who are not decided to make such a bold change in their lives. Because of its size, the tattoo can be tucked in between your fingers for a hint of subtlety.

But even though finger tattoos are becoming more mainstream, these tattoos actually fade over time. Not only that, there are things about them that you need to know before you join in on the bandwagon. Here are some of the things you need to know about finger tattoos:

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They fade

The skin found on your fingers have a different reaction to tattoo ink compared to the other areas of your body. Since your hands are naturally more active than other parts of your body, the tattoo ink does not last too long. Your daily activities, such as washing your hands, can already create a lot of movement over the bone. Because of this, you should expect to have your finger tattoo touched up regularly.

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They hurt… a lot

Again, your fingers are composed of nerves. And since your skin lies right on top of the bone and knuckle, the effect of the needle will be more painful compared to other parts of your body. Your fingers do not have as much muscle or fat that can cushion the sensation of the needle on your skin. If you have a low tolerance on pain, this is something you have to carefully consider.

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They won’t be as dark as other tattoos

If you’re expecting your finger tattoo to look great, you might want to lower your expectations on that one. Since the skin on your fingers are pretty tricky to deal with, the tattoo ink won’t be as bright as you would want them to. Also, the lines could end up looking fuzzy; especially if you have an intricate design.

So if you’re seriously considering getting a finger tattoo, make sure you consider these important factors before heading to a tattoo artist.

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