Special edition – Luxurious chocolate bars!

When a brand that produces the most expensive tequila, teams up with renowned chef to create a limited edition chocolate, we know we are in for a treat, which will cost us a lot! Patron tequilas have teamed up with the head of Gabriel Krojter and famous brand Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate, to create a set luxury chocolates limited editions, which are filled with a touch of tequila. The collection arrived and it is called The Patron Alquimia Chocolate Collection. Cooperation like this, which is a luxury as much as possible, will naturally burn through your pocket.

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The box with 24 chocolates will cost you whooping thousand dollars! But they are handmade and stuffed with best tequila in the world. To create these chocolates, they used six rare Patron tequilas, and in each box there are four chocolate bars of one taste. This collection is a limited edition as we have already said, and there was only 100 packages produced overall. The usual price of Patron tequila is about $ 7,500, but when you add it and all other costs of making these treats, the price of $ 1,000 does not sound so much. In addition, the share of the profits from the sale of these chocolates went to charity, namely 20% was directed to City Harvest organization. They collect food scraps from the many restaurants and share them with families who have big financial difficulties.