5 things you can do to reduce the damage caused to your hair!

Every day, in some way we harass our hair, either with hot air from drying, ironing and curling or excessively clamped ponytail. Coloring and highlights using chemical agents are very damaging for our hair. It is no wonder that the hair becomes dry to the touch, dull and messy.

The good news is that there are many ways that you can apply from home in order to recover your hair and bring it back in a healthy and shiny condition. All you need in your routine is to enter a few simple steps and you will solve the hair damage issues.

Protect your hair from heat


If you have to style hair with flat iron or curling iron, certainly prepare your hair for the heat that you will expose it to. Currently in drug stores and hair salons there is a wide selection of products that are used specifically to protect your hair from excessive temperatures. From spray to oil, choose what best suits your skin type and avoid the dryness and split ends of your hair.

Reward your hair with deep regeneration

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

After applying conditioner your hair is always silky and smooth, deep regeneration has an identical effect, only longer-lasting. Deep regeneration can be done at home by applying conditioner to the hair twice a week. After you apply the conditioner leave it for ten minutes on your hair and then wash it off with somewhat warm water.

Use the hair mask once a week


Hair masks are the ideal option if you frequently color your hair and want to maintain its intensity and brilliance. When buying a mask, make sure you pick one that is dedicated specifically to the colored hair. The composition and formula of such masks will preserve the color intensity, and at the same time it will feed and nourish the hair.

Do your hair using a comb

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Most cracking of the hair causes ‘wild’ brushing tangled lumps. The best thing you can do is use the hair comb and detangle your hair while wet. Use a comb rather than a brush. Comb offers better control of hair from brushes, and is easier when it comes to unraveling the tangled lumps without cracking and tearing of hair.

Loosen the ponytail


Ponytail is the most rewarding type of hair style when it comes to training or just a lack of time. A ponytail is really great, but not every day and not too tight. If you just can not imagine your hair without a ponytail, loosen your ponytail, to avoid the cracking of hair at the point of attachment.