Sephora will offer free make-up classes to cancer patients

Sephora is what all make-up addicts know simply, as paradise. It has all sorts of beauty products that we all need and of course, those beauty products that we might use some day and we buy them just in case. No matter why we go to Sephora, we all know that it is a really magical place.

Just when you thought that this beloved place could not get any better, Sephora decided to make a announcement that makes us love the mega beauty retailer even more. It is going to help cancer patients in the US by offering them free make-up classes. These will start on April 9 in a few Sephora locations where Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer make-up classes. The classes are part of the project Classes for Confidence, which are beauty courses specifically designed in order to both encourage and support men and women who are currently facing life-changing circumstances.

The main focus of these classes is to provide solutions for people whose skin and hair are or have been affected by cancer. The aim of these make-up sessions is to teach cancer patients both different techniques and products that can help diminish the visible effects of cancer treatments.

It is not only about the multiple physical effects that cancer treatments have, but also side effects such as dry skin and hair loss which can take a psychological toll. It is about those patient whose outward appearance is going through change due to their treatments that Sephora wants to help. It is about making these people feel both empowered and confident.

Make-up addicts know it and Sephora seems to know it better: beauty tips and tricks really make a difference. Even though the most visible result is on the outside, we all know that deep inside we feel happy and more confident. Let’s hope that the people attending these classes will also feel the same.