Dragon inspired lipsticks are real

Almost everybody loves Game of  Thrones. I say almost everybody, because not all people have seen it. After watching the series at least some of you have thought about or have dreamed about being the queen of dragons.

It looks like Storybook Cosmetics has decided to listen to these wishes. The genies working there have decided to make these dreams come true. While we are waiting anxiously for the final season of the beloved series and hoping that the producers will create additional episodes, we are really excited to hear the great news.

We can now release our inner dragon queen persona and embrace it with the dragon-inspired lipsticks that Storybook Cosmetics revealed on Instagram. Well, not yet at least, as they will not be available for purchase until Fall.

On social media, the cruelty free brand decided to give us a sneak peek at the lipsticks inspired by the mythical flame throwing creature that we all love. Even though the beauty products are not in the shape of dragons, they have a more subtle hint towards it. The packaging looks like the scaly skin of dragons and it is simply amazing.

For now, all that we know is that the three lipsticks will be in silver, copper and gold cases. As for the shades, at the moment Storybook Cosmetics has only revealed its red shade and it is TD. I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely excited to see the other shades that these lipsticks come in.

Storybook Cosmetics has created various movie/ tv series inspired beauty lines. However, even though the brand is not explicitly tied to Game of Thrones in anyway, we all know that Khaleesi would totally approve this collection, because she is the Queen of Dragons after all. Hopefully, this collection will give us her confidence.