Selena Gomez is selling her villa, take a peek?!

You do not have to be part of the Hollywood elite to visit the pop singer today. Selena Gomez is selling her villa in Fort Worth, Texas, at a cost of 2,999 million dollars.


With five bedrooms and six bathrooms, a villa is the epitome of luxury real estate in every sense. It has an area of about 1,000 m2, and is tucked safely behind the gates of a prestigious community of Montserrat Fort Worth. Built in 2005, this villa has an exquisite architectural details. It is located on a plot of 1.5 acres and includes a tennis court, golf course, swimming pool with salt water, the outside kitchen and the pool house.

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Plan of spaciousness in the villa is open and it contains the top-equipped, modern kitchen. Guests can relax in comfortable chairs in the room with a TV, or play a game of billiards in the games room, which also contains a bar. Within Selena’s villa, there is enough space for eight cars in the garage.

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Like all the other young stars of today, Selena does not spend much time in one place when it comes to real estate. 2014, she sold her villa in California, which she bought in 2011. at the price of 2,175 million dollars. Her villa was bought by Iggy Azalea in 2014. paying full price – 3.45 million. Then, Selena bought the mansion in Calabasas, where she lived for a short time, to the end of 2015. and then she sold it. Currently there is no information on the permanent residence of the young star, but certainly we know where she was.