Risky color that women fear the most when it comes to clothing!

Although many find it very beautiful and instantly uplifting, this color seems to be rare in women’s wardrobes. Some women are faithful to the classic colors like black, gray and brown that do not stand out in the clothing combinations, and there are ladies who have great admiration for the colorful but would rather choose vibrant colors for their fashion styles. However, there is a color that everyone seems to avoid because they think that the selected shade will not match the color of their skin or believe that it is difficult to combine with the rest of the outfit.


Helen Venables, an expert in colors and director of ‘House of Colour’, revealed for WWW that most women hesitate to wear – green. No matter if it is a delicate shade of menthol, a warm shade of lime or matt forest green color, women are generally avoiding to wear it.

A lot of our clients have an aversion to green, but there are so many beautiful shades for everyone, she said.

Green can easily be combined with colors that are opposite of it in a primary palette. However, do not stop there and go ahead, combine it with other unexpected shades. The brilliant emerald green will suit with black, so for example. You can combine top in emerald green with black trousers or a skirt, but you can also revert the combination and go for the lower and upper green to black.


When it comes to home decoration, this color is used way more, and the famous Institute of colors, ‘Pantone’ declared the green shade as ‘Greenery’ – color that will mark the 2017. year.