Selena Gomez Surprises High School Students in L.A With a Heart Warming Visit

Selena Gomez had recently partnered with Coach to create some of the most exquisite designer clothes and hand bags. Her partnership very recently went beyond just clothes and designer collections.
A lot of people might not know this. Coach as a brand also has its own share of philanthropic activities to its credit. Yes, it’s more than just arm candy or eye candy.
It has collaborations with “Step Up” – an organization that supports children in under privileged communities to go to school and pursue and education. Talk about an excellent cause!
What’s even better is the fact that Selena Gomez has partnered with Coach for its philanthropic activities too!

Yesterday, Gomez made an appearance at the Step Up after school events at two schools in L.A, much to everyone’s surprise in the schools, especially the unsuspecting young women there. She donated a significant amount of her time for the sweet surprise. And it goes without saying how excited those children must have been!

Selena 1

Selena herself was nothing less than excited. She told the students before hanging out with them and clicking pictures with them, “I’m happy to be here.”

Then she actually spent quality time with the girls. She talked to them one-on-one about their goals in life and their activities outside of school.

Selena 2

Not just that, she even helped the girls with a few of their crafts. The best part of the visit for the students were the gifts Selena had brought for them; new Coach bags!

Selena 3
After everything, she also gave each one of them sweet hugs too. What more could they have asked for!

Selena 4

The whole visit meant just as much for Selena Gomez as it did for the girls. It was pretty evident in her Instagram post that followed. Her caption read, “It’s crazy to me how much they are willing to put others before themselves.”

That is one hell of a collab Selena Gomez! One that has a relevant and significant cause!

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