Picchioti celebrates 50 years of existence!

Italian jewelry brand Picchioti celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, a new ring, L’Anfiteatro, seems to be a real way to celebrate.

Spectacular ruby of 08.05 carat is actually inspired by the classic amphitheater, designed by Giuseppe Picot, to shock and amaze all of us. Ring will presented during the Baselworld 2017. fair,  and a whole new collection of Picchiotti Signature Pieces designs will be showed.

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Besides the ring, we will have a chance to see and Xpandable Collection line of rings and bracelets, which is aimed at presenting the essence of style and skill that made the brand famous.

But, to return to the ring, which marked half a century of their existence. With a look that resembles an amphitheater, this valuable ring has diamonds in its heart – it is a gem that is classified as a perfectly natural gem without treatment and improvement of water, which in today’s world, is a true rarity. Only if you knew what a search was organized for such a stone in preparation for the celebration of the 50th anniversary! Stunning and elegant at the same time, without being too complicated when it comes to looks, this valuable ring is a tribute to the past and future announcement. Price and availability of the ring are still shrouded in mystery, but we believe that for a sufficient amount of money, it can be yours.