Too Faced takes glitter to the next level

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes are cult favorites in the beauty world. However, the makeup brand has decided to step aside from the products inspired by our favorite sweets and take a step forward towards more daring ones.

Glitter has been trending this year, from glitter lips, to glittery eyelids and even using the glitter from a face bomb as a highlighter. It is a fact that this is the current trend and, as a consequence most of the looks on the catwalk had a bit if not a lot of shimmer in them.

Too Faced challenges us to step out of our comfort zone. It takes us away from the wearable and safe nudes to the in your face and shiny, very noticeable glittery eye shadows. The colors are also not what we are used to. The Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette has shades ranging from bright purple to bright pink, baby blue and also a golden shade, all filled with glitter.

There are also two shades that are a bit more wearable. They are a very light blue, almost white and a dark black. These colors are matte and I guess that you can use them to either highlight, create a cut crease or maybe even as a base.

The palette will not be available for purchase until June. However, you can use the time that you have until then to do your homework on what types of glittery looks you can create. You can even try to get inspired from the runway shows at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. This way, you will be prepared for summer and make the season as shiny as possible. If not, there is also the possibility to use it for Halloween.