Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit, the beauty product to watch out for

Beauty lovers, it is time once again to mark your calendars. Look for April 4th and anxiously wait for more teasers from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The beauty brand is famous for its eyebrow products and its highlighting kits. If you have tried their highlighters, then you know that they are simply amazing.

In an attempt to capture our hearts even more, Anastasia Beverly Hills has decided to expand their range of highlighters by creating the Aurora Glow Kit, which we are really excited to try out. As its name says it, the palette already seems out of this world, not to mention the colors.

The Aurora Glow Kit, like its inspiration has six different shades, among which we can find: turquoise, purple, and pink, which can be either worn alone or even layered in order for you obtain maximum glow on either you cheekbones, eyes or who knows? Maybe you can even make your whole body shine, because, as we all know it, this year it is all about glitter and shining.

For only 40 dollars, you can get your hands on one of the Aurora Glow Kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills and it is surely one of the palettes that you would want to try out. Even though it is not as wearable as the other palettes that the brand has created, it is nice to have it in your makeup collection.

It is a palette that challenges your makeup talent by making you step out of your comfort zone, to try to make different colors such as blue and purple, which you do not normally reach out for. This palette is about demonstrating your true talent. If you cannot make it work as a daily look, you can always try out a fantasy look or make yourself really stand out in those Instagram pictures.