Special edition – Johnnie Walker’s Whiskey!

The fourth limited edition in a magnificent series, John Walker & Sons’ Private Collection 2017 Edition, Mastery of Oak, is probably a dream come true for many!

Presenting a unique style and innovative spirit of the brand, this exclusive experimental mixture will be produced in 5,588 bottles, which will be available worldwide. For example, in Singapore will be available only 134 bottles, but here you can also enjoy a private tasting experience, which is available through the Johnnie Walker House Singapore at a cost of $ 1,200.

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Collectors will certainly be delighted by the fact that the bottles with numbers # 1, # 88, # 1888, # 2888, # 3888 and # 4888 are already available for purchase, but probably with different prices.


Master crafts, Dr Jim Beveridge and Aime Gibson are responsible for selecting the best varieties of whiskey and Malta to create three solutions, one of which is formed at the end of the final mixture. Each is specially designed to contribute interesting tastes. What is more interesting, only the American oak is part of this experimental edition. It is best to serve this whiskey as pure, because by adding any other flavorings would completely spoil the unique harmony.