The best clothing combinations for a working week!

Springfield brings spring in our closets! What to wear during the week, from Monday to Friday, it is a very common challenge we face – every week! This spring, Springfield prepared a great day combinations that embody ‘daily smart look’ updated with new #MondayToFriday trends.

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The key pieces of the season are pants with stripes, dresses and skirts, and everything comes in irresistible navy blue color. The best way to win ‘monday mood’ is by picking trendy pieces such as polka dot dresses. By combining them with shoes and gold accessories, good mood is guaranteed.

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The perfect combination of 24/7 for him seem to be the shirt and chino pants. ‘Smart Touch’ shirt men will add through the simple colors, stripes and miniprint, while ‘slim fit’ chino pants will come in a variety of colors and are an ideal option for ‘lifting’ outfit to another level. Choosing the right color represents the foundation of any stylized outfits.