The campaign Gigi Hadid shot for Versace – Versus Versace!

Gigi Hadid is one of the favorite faces in the fashion world today … Therefore, each time she finds herself in news related to fashion, everyone is immediately excited. This time, she picked up photography. She found herself behind the lens (for a change) and shot pictures of her boyfriend, Zayn Malik and Adwoa Aboah for Versus Versace spring campaign.

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Donatella Versace explained that Gigi was chosen for a photographer in order to be more connected with people of her generation. With Zayn and Adwoa in front of the lens, this campaign is simply judged to be a success.

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In leather jackets, bold cannons and Texas, Malik and Aboa have appeared in the series of photographs, where Gigi did almost every photo at different angles, following thus the natural course of the campaign. The campaign itself of this urban brand is relaxed and casual, which made the pieces of clothing look even better. It was all shot in a small apartment and without excessive posturing, more like nonchalant and relaxed.

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Malik was delighted by the fact that Gigi will be the photographer of this campaign, so he repeatedly said that this experience for him was really special. At the same time this was his first campaign for the brand, and is currently working with Versace brand on presenting their men’s collection, which will be presented in June. At the end of recording, Gigi had to jump in and make a selfie. You can not expect from the photo model to play with the camera, but not to make any selfies!