Chopard Collection – Garden of Kalahari

There is no better jewelry house than Chopard when it comes to film divas and rich famous jewelry lovers. After Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts that in the recent past at all major events appeared wearing Chopard jewelery, luxury brand has recently presented set which will surely enter the annals of master jewelry industry.


Recently, a legendary rough diamond of 34.2 tickets, ended up in the hands of this jewelry brand – which was later baptized and presented to the world as the Queen of the Kalahari. The stone has been turned into a jewelry collection that is named The Garden of the Kalahari. The aforementioned stone D color, type IIA, was discovered two years ago in a mine in Botswana.

luksuz-fashion-nakit-Garden-of-Kalahari-chopard-01 (3).jpg

After processing and breaking, stone has been turned into 23 small stones for the final collection. 5 pieces obtained from the Queen of the Kalahari are over 20 carats – round brilliant diamond of 50K, 26K heart-shaped diamond, pear shaped diamond from 25K, 21K of emerald and pillow-shaped diamond of 20K.

luksuz-fashion-nakit-Garden-of-Kalahari-chopard-01 (2).jpg

Each stone represents one flower. Sunflower has a spherical shape, while poppy has a pillowy shape. Floral design of the stones is inspired by love of the Chopard director Caroline Scheufele to gardening and it is an ode to the nature. A journey that rough diamond passes of their crudity, to the fact that it becomes an exclusive piece of jewelry is available only with virtuoso skills of artists and artisans. The collection includes and a necklace that is a central part of the collection, two pendants in the shape of a heart and pears, earrings and bracelet.