CoverGirl creates a new mascara wand

Mascaras at first were used against the evil eye. Nowadays, they are used to enhance the eye and make it look more awake. It is true that most of us want to have full lashes which are also long. Some of us are lucky to be born with them, others require some help. We try out different types of mascaras and never really seem to be impressed with the result and so, we also use falsies. Well, CoverGirl Cosmetics has created a new mascara that might just do the trick.

I am most certain that you are familiar with this line: “our mascara will make your lashes look longer and separated”. You decide to try it out, and at first you might be impressed. However, you want something different, something more, so you decide to try out another mascara. As you should change this beauty product every 3 to 6 months, here is another one to try out: The CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara. It is supposed to be unique and to be honest, the brush says it all.

One of the main reasons why this pink wand is going to take your mascara game to a new level is the fact that the brush incorporates two tools. On one side, there are dense bristles, while on the other, there is a teasing comb. This way, one of the sides can be used to perfectly distribute the right amount of mascara on your lashes, while the other part can be used in order to separate clumps.

It seems like this mascara might just be what we need in order to achieve those perfect lashes. In addition, it has a quite affordable price of only 8 dollars. What a bargain! All that we have left to do is to test it out in oder to see if it really does the trick.