Beyonce Might Play This Iconic Role In Disney’s New Live Action Remake

To put it in a catchy way, the Queen is finally getting ready to meet the King and become the Queen of Pride Rock.
I’m talking about none other than Queen Bey and the Lion King.

Still need more clarity?

Well, today we’re going to discuss just that.

Variety recently reported that Beyonce is in talks to star in Disney’s live action remake of The Lion King. For those of you who are wondering whether or not her pregnancy is likely to become an issue, well, the trade publication also added that the fact that it is going to be a voice role, means it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Apparently, the director of the movie Jon Favreau is set on Queen Bey as his first choice but nothing’s been confirmed yet. Although sources say that both Disney as well as the director are willing to find a way around Beyonce’s schedule to have her in the movie.
Well, it isn’t surprising, because we all know how much it would mean to have a huge name like hers on an already big franchise.
Considering the history of box office earnings by Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book, I don’t think we need to calculate exactly how much this one is likely to earn what with Beyonce in it.

Now, coming to the role that she will be playing, or should I say is likely to be playing.

All signs say that it might be the iconic Nala that she will be voicing. For those of you who don’t remember, Nala is the female lion cub that is betrothed to Simba in the very beginning of the movie. It happens way before the famous Timon and Pumba “Hakuna Matata” bromance and even the return of Pumba to Pride Rock.

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However, there is a slight bummer. There is no news on whether or not the new remake will include any of the OG Lion King’s musical notes and numbers.  What we do know is that Nala does have a verse in famous ballad written by Elton John “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”.
Yeah you already have that on playback don’t you?

Beyonce is reportedly still making up her mind about the character, but the other cast members are already on board.

So that’s another thing this week that we can’t wait for. We’ll know soon though.