The first liquid chrome nail polish is coming to Sephora

This year it is all about shiny things. From glittery makeup to sparkly nails, the trend is quickly becoming indispensable. We are all familiar with the metallic nails trend and the chrome nails and probably most of you have even tried out this trend. However, one thing is certain: it is harder to obtain those mirror like nails without going to a salon. Don’t despair yet, because we have some great news: the first liquid chrome nail polish is coming to Sephora.

Forget about going to the nail salon to have your nails buffed with metallic powder in order to get that really intense chrome finish. It is time to get excited, because you can now achieve the same look at home. Isn’t that great? It is for sure at least something to look forward to trying out.

There is even greater news. You know how in order to get that perfect chrome look, you usually have to buff your nails with metallic powder? Well, now you know longer have to because Ciate has managed to create a regular nail polish that has the same stunning finish. It took the brand almost three years to develop the product, but the results are simply to die for.

Even though Ciate has not yet given us any more details about this nail polish, except for the fact that is is coming out soon, we are really excited to try it out. It is true that for now, we have only seen one color, the silver mirror looking shade that has stolen our hearts, but we are still hoping for more. Just imagine having golden nails that have a mirror like finish. Wouldn’t that simply be amazing? Or maybe even a golden rose shade. The options could be limitless.