5 Make-up tricks you probably did not know about!

In order to look like a girl from your favorite Instagram profiles – you do not have to have a bunch of money, but to learn how to use the things you have got in the makeup bag.

How to get a matte lipstick without matte lipstick?


Blotters which you use for fat absorption from the T- zone are ideal for making shiny and bright lipsticks look like matte lipsticks. Neatly use the lipstick and then rub the shine off with the paper, a paper absorbs excess shine of the lipsticks. You will get an attractive matte lipstick!

How to get the effect of highlighter?

Highlighter’s task is to attract the light on the places where it usually is and gives our face a fresh and sexy look. For a daytime look, cheeks done by a highlighter can be done with the help of your favorite transparent stick for lip care. When you are done with your makeup and you are done applying the blush, on top of cheekbones put some balm. The result will be a natural and fresh look.

How to find the perfect shade of foundation with which the transition of the neck will be invisible?


If you can not guess the right shade of foundation, stop testing it on your face. You can finally find the right shade by testing it on your neck instead – That way you can see if it matches with your skin tone. Powder should always be invisible or only a shade darker than your skin, but it is important to pay attention because some shades are yellow or rosy.

How to reduce the redness of pimples before makeup?

Clear skin and acne by using a glass of chilled eye drops. This will neutralize the redness of acne and you will easily cover up powder and only then concealer.

How to achieve instant fresh look of the face – without going to a surgeon if you face looks tired?


Help arrives right here – concealer, but not only for dark circles. Apply it around your nostrils to remove redness that women often forget about, and then repeat the same just on the outer edge of the eyebrows. Yes, above, not below.

P.S. Concealer that you use to do this, should not have glittering particles.