Scientists have discovered how you can be more attractive!

From a scientific point of view, we are attracted to people we consider beautiful, such as those with symmetrical faces, large eyes because it indicates good genes and good genes mean healthy family.


However, there are ways to be more prominent and that is not necessarily related to the biology. Here is a short list:

Stay in a group 


When you are with friends rather than solo, you look a lot better. This phenomenon is known as ‘the cheerleader effect’ it happens because the human brain makes an average of the entire group. So those people who are less attractive, look better than when they are solo.

Stay there until closing

One study from the 2010. showed that those who remain last in the clubs and bars are ‘significantly more attractive’ at the time. So now you see the next time you want to go home early …

Smile a lot more than you usually do 


The same part of the brain that is activated when people receive the award, known as the medial orbitofrontal cortex is activated when we see a pretty face. By scanning the brain, scientists have shown that the part of the brain additionally activated when we see a person who is smiling.

Wear red color


Red is the color of the heart, rose, and it looks like and love. Men and women will mostly be attracted to the ones who wear red, as opposed to other colors. In one study which showed women pictures of the same men in T-shirts of different colors, it turned out that most women want to meet a man in a red T-shirt. Perhaps this has to do with biology. It is known that female chimpanzees and baboons turn red when they are nearing ovulation, thus sending a clear message to the opposite sex.

Change the tone of your voice

In one study, University of London, found that men find more attractive the hissing voice in women, which indicates that the person is small body size. Men should practice a deeper voice without aggression.

Work on the sense of humor


Both men and women prefer someone with a good sense of humor when it comes to relationships, but sexes have different views on humor. While women want a man who makes them laugh, men want women who laugh at their jokes.