3D Chrome Eyeliner is finally a thing

Remember how a few days ago we were really excited about this new nail polish? The post was  about this new product with which you could obtain the perfect mirror like nails at home. Well, there is even greater news. You know what is also trending right now? 3D Chrome Eyeliner.

Even though you might probably know by now, glitter, shimmer and basically anything that shines is trending this year in terms of makeup. From your eyeshadow looks to your lips and even you nails, if they are not shiny, then you are definitely not in style.

On his Instagram account, celebrity makeup artist, Michael Anthony gave us a sneak peek to one of the latest looks that he created and it definitely left us speechless. The chrome eyeliner, a metallic gray product, which is shiny an has a 3D effect is simply amazing.

This makeup look gives the impression that our eyes have a halo of light surrounding them, a bit angelic as to say so. This brilliant makeup that Michael Anthony used gives us the impressions that the eyes are surrounded by a mirror in a liquid form. It is definitely something a bit futuristic and it would look amazing on basically anyone.

With all of this said, it is just a matter of time until we will be able to recreate these looks at home. Until then, we can try to mimic them by using metallic eyeliners and anything shiny.  After all, this year is about letting our outer beauty shine and reflect our inner beauty.