INNOVATIVE Dior Mascara: false eyelashes IN A BOTTLE!

Vast choice of mascara does not facilitate a decision on the one that will make our lashes perfect. There are a variety of brushes and formulas that promise higher volume, darker, longer or curly lashes, but rarely anyone ever offers all in one.


However, as of April 1. in the market is an innovative mascara of the house Dior, which allows you to choose whether you want natural lashes or those with the effect of false ones. All fans know that  one of the cult formula for the volume of the house Dior: Diorshow was launched in 2002. and since then has developed different versions of the product including Iconic, mascara for twisting, and Black Out, the darker eyelashes.


The family of mascaras now has a new product: Diorshow Pump’N’Volume. It was presented at a fashion show of house Dior at Paris Fashion Week, and everyone is talking about it because, although it looks like any other mascara, it has a flexible bottle. Thanks to the soft part at the bottom of the tube, this formula can be massaged into the brush to achieve a richer and thicker eyelashes.

– Dior Pump’N’Volume gives really thick eyelashes and rich texture, almost like false eyelashes. This is a new generation mascara – said Peter Philips, creative director of Christian Dior make-up. Every time you use it, you can decide if you want a more natural look or want a lot of volume that will be achieved by repeatedly pressing the tube. Except that there is no need to repeatedly apply, it will last longer because it will not dry as fast as other mascaras.