Lorac is launching a Pirates of the Carribean inspired collection

From mermaids to unicorns and even dragons, the world of makeup is becoming a more and more magical place. Also, it seems like many beauty brands are getting their inspiration from movies nowadays like L’Oréal’s Beauty and the Beast collection or the eyeshadows inspired by Harry Potter.

Lorac has decided to step up its game and create makeup products for the fans of Pirates of the Carribean and to be honest they look stunning. This pretty collection has only a limited range of products: an eyeshadow palette, a blush and highlighter palette, lipsticks and lip glosses.

The collection is said to be launching on April 11th, which is only a few days away (mark your calendars). The release of the Pirates of the Carribean inspired makeup products will take place only a month before the launch of the latest movie from the series. Look at the great part: you can go see the movie while wearing makeup inspired by it. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The eyeshadow palette has 18 remarkable shades and an eyeliner. You can finally get that awesome smoky eye look that Jack Sparrow rocks every time. Also, the shadows have names which are inspired by, of course, pirates and you can find yourself trying out “black pearl”, “lost at sea” and even “sea haze”. You can achieve a variety of looks as this treasure chest full of colors has both matte and shimmery eye shadows which will take your look from day to night. Isn’t that great?

As for the blush and highlighter palette, it contains six different shades inspired by the great heroine of the sea, Carina Smyth. The palette is sad to give you a glow similar to that of the sea. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The lipsticks and lip glosses are the last products in the collection and it is best to leave them for you to try out and give us your opinion about them.