The Latest Addition To The Late Night Fraternity – Jordan Klepper

For all those of you who always loved to watch Conan right before you went to bed, there’s a new reason for you to not miss the late night comedy series. According to The New York Times, Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper will soon be having his own daily show and it is most likely to be at 11.30 pm on Comedy Central. It will be aired from Mondays to Thursdays just like other late night comedy shows. It doesn’t have a proper format decided yet though. It doesn’t even have a full title yet.

But we already know what it might be like right?

A smart man with the gift of the gab sitting behind a desk cracking the funniest if jokes about daily affairs and the news. Maybe a woman can enter and join in to crack some jokes herself.
I wonder when we’re gonna have it the other way round, I mean a woman initiating the show with jokes and being joined by a man later on.
(Sigh). We’ll wait for it.

jordan klepper

Coming back to Klepper’s show, well, he is indeed the right fit for the job. He is extremely talented, and as a correspondent on the Daily Show, he is the perfect mix of wry, sardonic and amiable as well. He knows which side of his to take when, and his scepticism and cynicism are both added advantages or should I say skills.
And it is not just us that feel Klepper would be perfect for the show.

Comedy Central President Kent Alterman said about Klepper in a statement, “Jordan’s talent has become so increasingly obvious it would take a real fool to not offer him this opportunity.”

I certainly agree to that. There are already a million fans of the late night comedy fraternity as a whole and this show would definitely add to the viewership as well as fan base of the shows. The slot at 11.30 pm on Comedy Central was last occupied by Larry Wilmore with his talk show “The Nightly Show”.
However, he was removed in August.

Let’s wait and watch how Klepper’s show will be. Looking forward aren’t we?