The most luxurious diamond Easter egg!

Easter is very close, and rich people do not have to waste a lot of time searching for a rare diamond Easter egg … All you need to do is take the money and go to the jewelery house Jefferies in London and buy Diamond Memories egg at a price of 250,000 €.


Jeweler Martin Jefferies designed the extravagant Easter egg from 18-carat white gold, which is decorated with 910 flawless diamonds, they have a total weight of 60 carats. Besides, this is not just a precious ornament, it also plays the role of the medallion. When opened, inside the egg we can find two picture frame made of 18 carat yellow gold, as well as matching gold chain with the help of which you can wear it as a necklace.


Martin explains his opinion on its interesting design: ‘I came up with the idea of the egg presented in a great way because it is very valuable entity. Source of life. This design is a universal symbol that represents the life, unity, peace, love and more. ‘


Otherwise Jefferies is a third generation jeweler who once worked for Feberge and Asprey. He often received awards and commendations for his work, and some of his designs have been donated to Queen Elizabeth II.