The Top 4 Best Movies That Can Help You Get Over Your Ex

There is something that probably everyone will have to face at some time in their life. A break up. Whether it is from a marriage or a relationship, a break up is something that is extremely painful and hard to get over.

It is during those times that you will need a good girl friend or a boy friend to just get away with you, make you laugh and make you forget about all your problems. They’ll literally help you start a new life.
Well, sometimes, you may need to do some things for yourself as well to help yourself get over your ex. After all, your best friend cannot always be with you 20/7 right? I mean she has her own life to live.

We’ve got your back.

Today we’ve got a list of 4 movies that are sure to help you change your mood and help you get over a break up.

  1. Pride and Prejudice – It’s a Jane Austen classic. It is a musical. It is undoubtedly a must watch for everyone who is going through a break up. Any version of this classic would do, but I would suggest the 2005 adaptation with Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth Bennet.

    pride and prejudice

  2. Bridesmaids – Like I said, spending time with your friends is the one of the best most effective therapies for a break up. You can do so with some fictional friends too you know. This will show you what some great bridesmaids can do for you. Plus, you get to see what a good and healthy relationship is like.


  3. The First Wives Club – This movie shows the story of a woman who is left by her husband after several years of being married, for a younger woman. But it also shows how powerful it can be when strong determined women form a bond together and focus on their lives rather than men.

    first wives club

  4. The Hours – This is an Oscar nominated film and it shows beautifully the isolating nature of depression. It shows the story of 3 different women in 3 different time periods with just one emotion connecting them all. It is an excellent reminder of the fact that in spite of perceived evidence to the contrary, no one is actually completely alone in life.

    the hours

These movies are a great watch even for a normal person, if you’d like some deep thought-provoking movies for the evening. Be sure to watch them, when you are feeling low.

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