The enchanting oasis in the heart of Cartagena!

Fantastic hotel Tcherassi + Spa is located in the heart of the old city of Cartagena, Colombia. Just a few steps from the beach, this hotel seduces everyone with its colonial architecture, good atmosphere and excellent service. This place has been created by a fashion designer Silvia Tcherassi, therefore this hotel is a place where every guest feels welcome and comfortable.

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After intensive renovations, 250 years old house with tradition, is once again revived and became a city that radiates elegance and evokes the golden age of Cartagena. With only seven rooms and suites, this unique boutique hotel and spa, encouraged the magic of long-past times with all the modern conveniences that modern and discerning tourists expect today.

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You will be impressed by the high ceilings, luxurious wooden floors, private balconies and large bathrooms. The hotel has an excellent spa where you can unwind and relax, Italian chic restaurant, divine cascading gardens with over 3000 local plants, four swimming pools, as well as a roof terrace which offers a view to remember. The rooms are elegantly furnished and decorated, and will make every guest feel like in a luxurious home, rather than in a hotel.

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The walls of exposed brick, rich wood texture and beige tones are typical of colonial style with the signature Made in Italy. Interiors are airy and bright. This place is a beautiful oasis in an ideal place, in the city where we can find the remains of divine decadence and romanticism.