Luxurious Villa Burnt Point, a real relaxation for those who can afford it!

Built in 2000, this amazing villa is located in the ultra-private peninsula, next to the charming lagoon called Georgica Pond.

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This luxury property is named Burnt Point and covers an area of 1,800 m2, with a total of eight bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, offering a great view of water on three sides. Built in accordance with the highest standards of living, this property has an enchanting main villa which has a small wing for guests, as well as a beautiful swimming pool with water slide, spa, tennis court and dock.

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Architect Francis Fleetwood has designed this superb villa, while Brian Okif care for its magnificent interior design. Fully equipped with furniture, signed by top designers and other impeccable elements like 200 years old floors, this luxurious villa is equally impressive in the interior and exterior.

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For seventy-five million dollars is how much its price, you get two elevators, kitchen with dining and high-end devices, library, home office, private cinema and equipped wine cellar. All that remains is to hope to win the lottery and get the opportunity to call this place a home.