Melania Trump: From ‘hated’ to modern style icon!

The former model and current First Lady from the start of the campaign met with negative comments and disapproval of the American public, but also fashion designers who have refused to dress her. Today, her popularity is growing with incredible speed, and her fashion choices are slowly giving her the status of style icon.


From the start of the election campaign of Donald Trump she has been targeted by evil tongues: criticized her about why she still does not live in the White House, claiming she does not do all the duties of the first lady, and recently, people have been talking about her marriage to an American businessman. However, while her husband’s popularity falls down by the lightning speed – both in America and abroad – in the case of Melania Trump situation is reversed.


While at the beginning of the campaign only 24 percent of Americans had a favorable opinion about the first lady, before the inauguration of this percentage increased to 36, now she enjoys the support of even 52 percent. Also, the problems she encountered in the selection of clothing for the inauguration – when most of the famous American designers refused to dress her up – it is all now slowly disappearing.


Inspired by the style of Jackie Kennedy, Melania Trump is slowly becoming a real style icon: always measured, and classic (with occasional commentary on the level of sex appeal), the former model usually chooses monochromatic combinations in which she regularly looks spectacular.

However, she does not only wear the creations of local designers, as it was done by the previous first lady, but if the growth of her public image continues, perhaps someone from her distant past fashion rivals changes his mind – because who would not like to participate in creating a new style icon?