Morphe’s brush cleaner is what you need

We all like makeup and putting it on our faces. However, there is one thing that we can all agree that we totally hate: cleaning our brushes. Unfortunately, self cleaning brushes have not yet been invented, though we hope will soon appear. Until then, we are looking for ways to make the activity of cleaning brushes more enjoyable.

According to the brand’s website, the Bristle Shampoos are excellent for on the go cleaning. In addition, there ingredients are awesome too. The best part is that we are pretty certain that these brush cleaners will be great because Morphe is one of the top makeup brush brands. Of course, it makes sense that their brush cleanser will be excellent because who else would know how to treat brushes better if not them?

Imagini pentru morphe shampoo


Most beauty brands that have produced a brush cleaner usually opted for a liquid form, meanwhile Morphe has decided to create a solid cleanser. According to the brand’s website, the cleanser is great for both brushes and sponges, which is even greater. If we think about the fact that Morphe sells both these beauty tools, this move makes total sense.

The solid cleanser comes in three options: Cocoa Butter, Honey Lavender, and Cotton Blossom and we are excited to try them all out. As for the price, they all cost $8.99 each and have as main ingredients: coconut oil and shea butter which leave your brushes clean without harming them. What more can we ask for? Probably for it to clean our brushes for us.

Regarding the cleaning process, there are three simple steps. You have to wet your brush, then give it a swirl on the solid cleanser, rinse and wait for it to dry. You might even end up liking the process of cleaning your makeup brushes. One thing is certain, this solid cleanser is worth giving a go.