The First Look of The Dirty Dancing Remake is Out. Nostalgia on Point.

Classic movie remakes always have a special place in our hearts don’t they? I can still remember my excitement when the Disney classics The Jungle Book and The Beauty and the Beast came out.
In the same way, what if a non Disney classic comes out as a remake?

I’m sure you guys already know by now. I’m talking about Dirty Dancing.

Yes. Think of that awesomeness of a movie. It sure got us excited and some of us even vowed to join a dancing class, what with those sexy dance moves and classic romance.

It was originally released in the year 1987, and it starred Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The highlight of the movie was of course the most iconic dance lift of all time.
It is on its way to the small screen as a three – hour film on ABC.

There’s only two months left before the adaptation airs on TV, but right now we have the first look for all of us to see.
Colt Prattes is playing the part of Johnny Castle and Abigail Breslin is Frances “Baby” Houseman. The star cast also included Debra Messing, Sarah Hyland and Bruce Greenwood.

From the looks of it, the remake is very likely to give us the same level of Goosebumps and excitement as the old one. Abigail Breslin is all ready to pack in the same energy and dance moves that “baby” does and have us all wish that we were dancers.

Here are some new photos from the first look.

dirty dancing 1dirty dancing 2dirty dancing 3dirty dancing 4

dirty dancing 5.jpg

dirty dancing 6.jpg