4 perfumes that will never go out of fashion!

There are some perfumes that are eternal, that resist all trends, which time can not do anything and that women will always be happy to wear. Here is a list of four fragrances that will never go out of fashion.


1. ‘J’adore’ Dior – modern, glamorous fragrance was created in 1999. Cute, but lightweight, slightly sharp floral fragrance with the freshness of mandarin in the high notes, jasmine, plum, orchid and rose in the heart and to stir, musk and blackberry in the trail. It became incredibly popular due to which he received several of its variations in various concentrations. Perfume bottle is in the shape of a Greek amphora.


2. ‘CK One’ Calvin Klein – One of the first perfumes in the world that had the sign of unisex. The perfume ‘CK One’ is considered as a kind of miracle, because even though it was not a top scent it managed to get a cult status and retain popularity and today. Calvin Klein is in creating fragrances characterized by fresh citrus scent, which launched in 1994, inspired by the behavior of his daughter and her company – a provocative style with ‘political correctness’.


3. ‘Light Blue’ by Dolce & Gabanna – This very popular summer fragrance was launched in 2001. It features a casual scent which reminds us of a breeze floral-fruity scent of Sicilian summer. Juicy and moist notes of lime and cypress are an association of the forest on the coast.


4. ‘Chloé Eau de Parfum’ Chloé – Special and sophisticated fragrance for all occasions and for all seasons. ‘Chloé’ is a compound of excellent flowers including peony, lychee and freesia in the top, rose, and a lot more. If you want an original scent that evokes a feeling of classical music, then Chloé is an amazing perfume for you.