Animal themed beauty blenders are real

It seems like this year, cute animals are taking over the makeup world. From Too Faced’s animal themed palette to unicorn inspired makeup brushes, there is a cuteness overload and we are simply loving it. It looks as if the adorable packaging  that Koreans use has become popular with brands that are non-Korean and we are totally digging it.


Lately, it seems like beauty blenders are becoming more and more popular. From the classical pink egg shaped beauty sponge to more intricate ones like diamond shapes. They are an excellent tool for applying liquid or creamy products, leaving your face with a flawless finish.


The Cream Shop decided to take our beloved beauty tool, the beauty sponge, to a new level and the  result is really adorable. Unfortunately, the beauty blenders are not shaped like animals, as it would make it quite hard for us to use them. However, they do come in various pastel colors and have sweet names, not to mention the fact that the packaging makes them look like animals.

As for the names, they are also really cute: Otto the Otter, Barney the Bear, Hanami the Hippo, Momo the Mouse, Penny the Pig, Leia the Lamb and Pop the Penguin. They all create an adorable collection that we all want to have.


An awesome detail about these beauty tools is the fact that they are latex free and help give you that airbrushed finish. As for the price, they are quite accessible at only $7 a piece. If you are a sucker for cute packaging like we are, you will definitely want to add them to your makeup collection as they will make it look really great. And TBH, who wouldn’t want to have animal themed beauty blenders on their makeup counter or in their makeup bags?