Cushion powders: 3 advantages of this powder!

The ‘cushion’ powders have become indispensable in the make-up of many famous brands. When it comes to cushion powder imagine it as a BB cream in a compact form.

In South Korea, it is considered as face care and makeup because it not only covers the skin, it also improves the look, feel and health of our skin. This compact powder also contains a sponge or pad with a formula that usually provides a lightweight, sheer coverage and benefits for the skin such as factor sun protection and hydration. Cushion powder is extremely popular when traveling because of its compactness.24892-1471427326-1024x684.jpg

Why is the cushion powder a good choice?

  1.  The pad in the product itself is very important because it converts the current liquid formula into easier emulsion. It makes the powder formula breathable and lighter and prevents the accumulation of large quantities of powders for which the appearance of the face can look very unnatural.Lancome.jpg
  2. Given that the majority of sponges that come with the products are antibacterial and antimicrobial, the chances of transmitting the bacteria are minimal. But if you want to be as cautious, sponge can be washed with mild soap and lukewarm water.2502952
  3. Sponge is the best applicator for applying powder. Brush or fingers just will not be able to achieve the flawless look because this product is just made for the sponge.
  4. It is ideal if you want a small and translucent coverage and when you want to achieve a natural-looking skin.