4 Places where you should never keep your makeup!

Makeup or cosmetics is best to keep at room temperature to make it last as long as possible and to be effective. Sadly, makeup is often kept in places where it can spoil or melt and lose its effectiveness.


1. On the windowsill – Sunlight shining through the window and drafts entering through cracks in the window can change the composition of the makeup, especially products such as liquid foundation, which happens because of the constant changes in temperature.

2. Radiator – Too high temperatures destroy the active ingredients in your makeup such as oil, which is why it loses its effectiveness.


3. In the refrigerator – Mascara, eyeliner, lipstick often find themselves in the refrigerator because we think that it will last longer, especially in the summer when makeup can melt. But the truth is that most products cosmetics should not be kept in the refrigerator. Temperature colder than the room can change the chemical composition of the product and then it loses efficiency. Exceptions are Face Water Spray and natural cosmetics that do not contain preservatives.


4. In the car – You do not want to have your lipstick or mascara smeared all over the seat of your car. Therefore, it is best that you never hold your makeup in the car.