Chanel – New Makeup Collection Les Indispensables de l’Eté!

Luxury brand promoted its new summer makeup collection which is created by Lucia Pica, global director of the beauty section of Chanel makeup.

The new collection called Les Indispensables de l’Eté and it defines the notion of glamour – Summer collection is inspired by freedom, which is kind of backdrop for summer vibrations and mood. Collection as it says, ‘LET GO!’ All products of the collection Les Indispensables de l’Eté have been created with the intention that your face during the year gets naturally glamorous look with a makeup that is not pretentious.


The collection is inspired by summer landscapes and their natural shades. This is a collection of makeup which is inspired by nature.’The concept is that there is no concept! it’s all about sensuality, feeling and spirit’ explained Lucia. The thing is to be yourself, to overcome prejudices and to become what we want to be.


Stars of the collection are ‘Les beiges Healthy Glow Luminous Color’ which as the name suggests, provides a healthy, shiny and discreetly bronzed appearance of skin. The texture of this illuminator skin is smooth and easy. It is available in 5 shades: Light, Medium Light, Medium, Medium Deep, Deep, from pink / beige hue, to deep copper.


The collection includes a range of bright shades of lipstick, like the legendary ‘Rouge Coco Shine’ that this time appears in the new shades of ‘Golden Sun’ and’Golden Sand’, while ‘Rouge Coco Style’ has two shades, light beige’Panorama’ and coral pink ‘Esquisse’. In order to have a complete look – the offer includes 4 shades of ‘Vernis Longue Tenue’ nail polishes – ‘Sargasso’, ‘Coquillage’, ‘Coralium’ and ‘Sea Whip’.